Our Lettings Policy

In order to apply for a home or be added to our database you will need to;

- Be a UK Resident aged 18 or over and have a right to rent in the UK (Immigration Act 2014)
- Have a gross household income of no more than £50,000
- Have savings of no more than £50,000.
- Not be an owner-occupier or own a home which you could reasonably be expected to occupy

To qualify for a tenancy you will also need to;

- Submit to a credit check reference the result of which must give at least a satisfactory rating
- Have good current and former landlord references for the last 5 years (where insufficient former tenancies have been held, a guarantor will be required for  the first 12 months of your tenancy )
- Authorise us to make inquiries with the police or with any other services the Company considers necessary the outcome of which must be satisfactory
- Have no outstanding rent arrears with any landlord (former or present) or any other housing related debt (including Council tax arrears)
- Agree to occupy the home as your sole residence
- Agree to comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement including making rent payments monthly in advance by direct debit.
- Pass our affordability assessment (based on income and outgoings)